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Despite the barrier of social distancing, V-Challenge has come back with a new look to boost the summer vibe this 2021.

Welcome this “hottest” summer with virtual battle V-Challenge 2021 VUS students having an engaging and competitive competition. They can have a chance to win valuable


Scope of Work

  • - Game Development
  • - Backend Development

Types of AR used

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  • Game Development


  • Web Game


V-Challenge - An annual competition for VUS students creating an English battle with different challenges from multiple topics. This is an extremely interesting and challenging event. In each round, participants will gain new knowledge and practice comprehensive skills.

V-Challenge 2021 - organized in the most unforgettable period of the year, VUS decided to upgrade the competition to a new platform with the same exciting vibe for all students. Therefore, for the first time at VUS, all students are involved in one competition within 4 groups to conquer 4 levels and gain points to participate in the finale.


For the V-Challenge 2021, VUS open for all students from all levels including VUS Young Leaders, IELTS Students, and adult learners (INTERACTIVE ENGLISH, ENGLISH HUB, ITALK). Moreover, by developing the competition online, students can easily get access via multiple devices including mobile, laptop, tablet.

All students will be divided into 4 groups corresponding to the Young Innovators student group (Table 1&2) and Young Pacesetters student group, IELTS Learner, and all adult students (Table 3&4).

With 2 amusing rounds, participants compete with each other by answering multiple choice questions. The more correct answers within the shortest time, students may get an opportunity to participate in the next round. 

Elimination Round & Final Round

There will be 4 levels: Apprentice V, Junior V, Senior V, Super V. Students will have 3 rounds to answer 15 questions in total to level up. After 2 levels, there will be an extra round in the form of Pictionary questions for students to gain more points.  

From the elimination round, top 400 excellent students with the highest points will have a chance to participate in the finale to find out the most outstanding competitor for this season. This finale has 2 rounds and 20 questions for each round.

Features and execution:

  • One-on-one competition feature: To simulate this type of competition , Marvy’s developers have been using computer mode and display the name of participants from the provided list. Hence, users can have the same feeling as competing real-time with other players
  • Log-in feature via ID number: V-challenge is an internal event for all VUS students so each participant will receive their unique number via SMS on the day of competition. Participants can only log-in with the given number and cannot create a new account to commit the privacy and fair play for all.
  • All levels of game: Develop 4 levels for elimination round and 2 extra playing sets after each 2 levels with the multiple choice question format. All the questions are prepared by VUS and randomly displayed in each level.
  • Limit time for each question: Develop the counting down features -  30 seconds for each quiz. The remaining time after choosing 1 answer will be converted into points
  • Scoring development: 
    • Original level: 1 second is counted as 10 points. The score of each question will be calculated by the remaining time multiplied by 10. The total from 300 will be announced to join the next round
    • Extra level: Each correct answer will gain 100 points

SPECIAL FEATURE: The golden “5 minutes”

As required for real-time competition online, the scenario of unstable connection, wifi breakdown,... may impact contestants. Hence, our Marvy Team has proposed the golden “5 minutes” like a lifesaver for them. During the competition, if contestants are drop out dư to internet connection, in 5 minutes they need to re-log-in and enter their ID to continue.


Step 1: Contestants will receive the ID number via SMS

Step 2: Before the competition around 60 mins, contestants will receive the competition link via SMS

Step 3: Access the link and log-in by the ID number provided previously. Verify personal information and start your game

Step  4: Complete the round and waiting for next schedule announcement

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